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Remote Codes - Enable Advanced TiVo Features

The following codes will all work on any tivo, even standard non-upgraded ones.

30 Second Skip

This will change the operation of the "skip to end" button,
to a "30 second skip" button, useful for skipping past advert breaks
Tivo Clock

Tivo Clock

Clock Display

This will enable a clock display on the bottom right of the screen,
showing the current time, and the elapsed time of the recording.

Show Logs

This will show the contents of the startup log files,
useful for diagnosing problems

Enable / disable overshoot correction

When you stop fastforwarding or rewinding, tivo automtically corrects for your reaction time
- "overshoot correction", this can be turned off if desired.

Tivo Shortcut Codes

Press these anywhere to quickly access frequently used screens:

TiVo TiVo - Goes to the Now Playing List

TiVo 1 - Goes to the Season Pass Manager
TiVo 2 - Goes to the To Do list.
TiVo 3 - Goes to the Wishlists screen
TiVo 4 - Goes to the "Browse By Name"
TiVo 5 - Goes to the "Browse by Channel" screen
TiVo 6 - Goes to the "Browse By Time" screen.
TiVo 7 - Goes to the "Record Time/Channel" screen (manual record)
TiVo 8 - Goes to the "TiVo's Suggestions" screen.
TiVo 9 - Goes to the "Network Showcases" screen.


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