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Autospace - Automatic free space indicator

by Brandon Hill - (original development thread)
Shows a usage bar at the top of the now playing screen

Autospace for tivo v1.6 autospace.zip

Usage Notes

Autospace shows a usage bar at the top of the now playing screen,
the numbers and colours represent different recordings as below:

Simplified "redbar version":
Usage: autospace.tcl start -redbar

  • Red for recordings
  • Grey for suggestions

    Original version:

    Total Count. This is the total count of programs on the Now Showing screen.

    Counts. This is the total in each category.

  • Cyan is Permanent Shows (Save until I delete).
  • Yellow is normal shows.
  • Grey is suggestions.
    These 3 fields should total to the Total Count field.

    Graph. Space used in 2% increments. Uses the following color scheme:

    Percent Used. This is the percentage of space used to hold content. Suggestions and free space are not included.

  • Red: Live Buffers / Recording Buffers / Overhead. Anything not otherwise counted in the next fields that is in use is placed here.
  • Cyan: Save unil I delete recordings.
  • Yellow: Any other requested recording regardless of expiration status.
  • Grey: Suggestions
  • None: Deleted recordings / Free space

    Right: Now Recording Indicatior. Indicates what is currently being recorded according to the following color scheme:

  • Red: Hidden Program (TiVo Service Data)
  • Cyan: Save until I delete recordings
  • Yellow: Requested Recording
  • Grey: Suggestion

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