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TiVo announces closure of service for S1 TiVos

14 February 2011
Thomson TiVo

Tivo announced today it will be cease the data download service for UK Thomson TiVos on June 1st,
11 years after it was introduced as the UK's first PVR.

"On 1 June 2011, TiVo will be discontinuing the service for Series1 TiVo
Recorders in the UK. Your current service will continue to be provided until
that time at no charge. For further information, go to tivo.com/UKSeries1."
Read the announcement in full at TiVo's website here

After 1st June your Thomson TiVo won't complete a daily call, and will only be able to do manual recordings.

Unofficial Service

Want to keep using your Thomson TiVo ?

An unofficial replacement service is under active development, will only require a new hard drive read more & signup

Service continues with the new Virgin Media TiVo

Virgin Media have announced a new TiVo-powered HD/3D set top box
Virgin Media Tivo
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  • New HD/3D set top box offers 1TB of personal storage
  • Three tuners so no more recording clashes
  • Thousands of hours of TV on Demand instantly available
  • Dedicated internal modem to bring internet services like YouTube direct to TV


Initially only available on the XL TV package, and a 199 install fee applies:

XL TV package

  • Includes phone line rental
  • Unlimited weekend calls
  • 160 TV channels

30 / month


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