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iPhone app for the Virgin Media TiVo

on 15.2 firmware only

Want to use your Thomson tivo with Virgin Media cable ? look here


The new 15.2 update for Virgin Media's TiVO box enables the built in network port
which will eventually be used for TiVo to TiVo multi room streaming of recordings.

Unfortunately that feature isn't available yet - but the enabling of the ethernet port has opened up the possibility of using apps designed for the similar USA TiVo Premiere:

(Android users see Android Apps )

TiVo Peanut Plus for iPhone

TiVo Peanut Plus - Remote & Keyboard for TiVo DVRs is in the appstore with a free ad-supported version and an ad-free version for £0.69

Designed for the US Series 3 TiVos and later, it now works fine the Virgin Media TiVo with 15.2 firmware.

Installation of the app is simple and configuration is a breeze if your supported TiVo is on the same internal network as your iphone/ipad.

In order to use the app, you must first turn on the "Network Remote Control" feature of your TiVo.
Then you can launch the app, tap "Settings" , "Search Network" and select the TiVo you wish to connect to.

It actually supports multiple TiVos on the network, so you can easily switch between them within the same app.

Flip the phone into landscape mode and you get a full screen QWERTY keyboard for text entry:

Android phone Users

There are also two remote control apps on android marketplace, which work with the Virgin Media TiVo

vm tivo remote

Replacement Virgin Media TiVo Remote

If your original tivo remote is lost, or just worn out, buy a brand new replacement remote.
Also useful to keep one in each room if using the tv link plus system or similar to view tivo in different rooms.
Replacement Virgin Media Remote 14.99

Virgin Media TiVo Pricing

XL TV package £30 / month
Includes free phone line rental (£11 from BT)
Unlimited weekend calls
160 channels
1TB Virgin Media TiVo
New customers: £199
Existing customers: £149
Available only on XL pack.
500GB "baby" TiVo
New customers: Price TBC
Existing customers: £49.95
Available on M+, L, and XL packs.
Plus monthly costs:
£3 per month on XL pack. £8 per month on M+ or L packs.
Plus installation fee:
£40 (waived for installations booked in April by existing customers)


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