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Virgin Media TiVo Remote

vm tivo remote

Replacement Virgin Media TiVo Remote

If your original tivo remote is lost, or just worn out, buy a brand new replacement remote.
Also useful to keep one in each room if using the tv link plus system or similar to view tivo in different rooms.
Replacement Virgin Media Remote £14.99

TiVo Remote info

Virgin Media TiVo Pricing

1TB Virgin Media TiVo
New customers: £199
Existing customers: £149
Available only on XL pack.
500GB "baby" TiVo
New customers: Price TBC
Existing customers: £49.95
Available on M+, L, and XL packs.

XL TV package £30 / month
Includes free phone line rental (£11 from BT)
Unlimited weekend calls
160 channels


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