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Virgin Tivo Tips and Hacks

  • Pressing CLEAR works as a shortcut for delete on most pages - most handy on the "my shows" page

  • Press SKIP >| to quickly jump to the top or bottom of long lists , e.g. My Shows

  • Channel up/down works as page up/down in lists

  • Press and hold TEXT switches your TV AV sources - that's how I flip between VM TiVo / TiVo S1 / DVD

  • Press and hold POWER button turn turn TV on/off - a short press makes TiVo go into standby

  • Press SLOW to toggle mini TV screen at top right

  • Resets the GUI if frozen on red ring (though I've never seen this luckily!)
    - Thumb Down - Thumb Up - Play - Play

  • Shortcut keypresses:

    • Home Home : My recordings (now playing)
    • Home 1 : Manage series links
    • Home 2 : Planned recordings (todo list)
    • Home 3 : Wishlists
    • Home 4 : Search all TV
    • Home 5 : Browse all TV
    • Home 0 : full screen TV + pause ?

  • Whilst fast forwarding / rewinding pressing the skip forward 30sec or skip back buttons takes you to the next white bar (usually 10 mins)
    useful in catchup/ondemand which only have one fastforward /rewind speed.

  • Pressing UP while watching a recording, cycles the output through all the available video formats. e.g. 576p / 1080p

  • Pressing OK while watching Live TV or a recorded program brings up a small 3 line TV listing guide(screenshot)
    Use the directional buttons to navigate or type a channel number to jump to a different channel.

  • You can create your own folders (effectively):
    Auto-record Wish List searches appear in My Recordings as a folder for items which match the search.
    This works even for recordings which weren't recorded by the Wish List itself

  • If you press Play on a folder in My Recordings, it will play everything in the folder in sequence
    (date order, oldest first)
    - great for catching up on a whole series, or archiving shows overnight via scart.
    - this can also save you going into the folder if it only contains one item.

  • You can switch between tuners by pressing Info, then scrolling down to the bottom icons.

  • Now the Jump buttons (>|) skip forwards 30 seconds and backwards 8 seconds.
    If you want the s1 behaviour of skipping to the start or end of a recording, press and hold them.
    (They don't cycle, so you have to press the right one for the direction you want to go.)

  • In My Shows and Recordings/My Shows/Suggestions/Improve My Suggestions there is a list of every Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down. You can edit existing thumbs here too

  • a full listing of VM channels, useful to print out and keep by the TV is at http://www.virginmedia.com/customers...nnel-guide.pdf


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