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160GB Tivo Hard Drive Upgrade 39.00

160GB Tivo Hard Drive Upgrade

Preconfigured with altEPG for continued service

Includes all you need: even a screwdriver!

  • Have you always wanted your TiVo to have more capacity to record your favourite programmes?
  • Want higher quality recordings than is normally possible?
  • Is your old TiVo drive very noisy and on it's last legs?
  • Is the picture blocky or stuttering, or long delays between menus?
  • Does your TiVo power up ok, but refuse to boot correctly?

Most tivo problems are caused by failing hard drives
- the original 40GB drives are all over 5 years old now

  • Replaces your old hard drive.
  • Longer recording times.
  • Higher quality picture with Mode0 - near DVD quality recording.

An absolute must for LCD and plasma TVs

  • Latest software preinstalled.
  • Longer live-tv buffer - increased to 1 hour.

Why not upgrade to a new drive and longer recording capacity?

Upgrade Drives come pre-configured with the very latest version 2.5.5 TiVo software and are supplied ready to fit !

I've just bought a large LCD screen now my tivo looks blocky ?

Tivo was originally designed for smaller screens, but there is a hidden option in the new software which can be enabled to increase quality to DVD levels - the so-called Mode 0 option.
Upgrade drives come with "Mode 0" enabled for better quality recordings
- it's even noticeable on live tv.

Can you Transfer my season passes and recordings from my old drive ?

Yes, this is available as an additional service, see here.

How easy it is it to install, do I have to do anything else ?

Once the tivo case is opened (3 screws) its as simple as removing the old hard disk (2 screws) and replacing it with this new one.

What about sky and freeview ?

Your new drive will be pre-configured for the tivo's built in TV tuner.

If you have freeview/sky/cable, then in addition it can be pre-configured for that, just state:

  • Freeview  
  • SKY
  • Virgin / Telewest / NTL

For those that don't know, tivo can use a SCART cable and the IR wands to control a digibox, and it downloads all the onscreen program guide for sky etc into the tivo menus
- its much better than sky+ itself


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