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Downloads and drivers

Mfstools LBA48 CD

Download, and burn this image onto a CD.

E.g. In Nero, choose recorder -> Burn Image then select the downloaded iso image.
The image will create you a Linux bootable CD.

Don't forget to run copykern after restoring an image (necessary if your drive is larger than 137GB)

% copykern

and then choose option '1' (yes, even for UK Thomson Tivos)
then confirm by pressing 'y' when prompted.

Network driver CD

Download, and burn this image onto a CD.

Boot the PC from this CD, with tivo drive on secondary master

% nic_install/nic_install cachecard


% nic_install/nic_install turbonet

If cachecard drivers are installed, you'll see this silicondust/cachecard logo when the tivo first boots up:
Silicondust Cachecard screen

Diskutil for unlocking Quantum/maxtor drives

Diskutil.zip DOS utility for unlocking quantum/maxtor drives.
Usage: diskutil /PermUnlock 0


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