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FreeSat and Tivo

Tivo now supports Freesat with a suitable set top box.

To configure your tivo you need to run guided setup:

On your tivo, goto setup->system reset ->guided setup and select digital satellite on the first page,
then freesat on the provider page later on.

(Illustrated guide of guided setup)

No recordings or season passes will be lost during this process

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Guided Setup

Q: Can you record HD on a uk tivo ?

A: Not directly, but the Humax Foxsat HD receiver will output a normal SD signal to the tivo at the same time as a HD signal to your TV. So you can watch a programme live in HD, and record a copy of that in SD on your tivo at the same time.

Currently supported freesat Models and IR codes:

Modeltivo IR code humax
Humax freesat HD box £149.00
Humax Foxsat HD20073
Bush freesat SD20074
Bush freesat box £49.00
Grundig freesat SD20074
Alba freesat SD20074
You may have to select "Bush (UK)" as the manufacturer to get those codes (even if using a alba, or grundig)


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