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Guided Setup - Walkthrough

Step by step help for running guided setup

As standard your TiVo is setup to use just the five standard channels:
BBC1, BBC2, ITV, C4 and FIVE

You can however, set and record all freeview, freesat, sky or cable channels with the addition of the appropriate set top box connected via SCART cable

You simply run Guided Setup on your tivo to tell the tivo which service and which set top box (STB) you are using.

The following procedure takes about 30-60 minutes, and you will NOT lose any recordings or season passes in the process!

Press SELECT on the MESSAGES & SETUP menu
Press SELECT on the SYSTEM RESET menu
Looks frightening - don't worry!
Press three THUMBS DOWN and ENTER to confirm
Just press SELECT here
You can change the aerial output here,
but this can easily be done later, just press SELECT
STOP! Read this page carefully
This is where you choose freeview, cable or sky




(digital satellite + digital cable) is not normally used.

Important: For the new altEPG system please type in 01000 instead of your postcode here
Select phone dialling options and put in any prefix if you need it...

This is where you'll enter the new number for altEPG if you're using an older disk. ( 0161 232 9094 )

Connect the phone lead before pressing SELECT
Go and have a cup of tea,
as this bit takes a while!
Choose which service you use...

If you get "no service providers found" here, then your tivo service number (023-0000-60xx-xxxx) may not correctly registered .

Just press SELECT here,
you can always change the appropriate channels later.
This used to be for analogue channels, but you should be using a settop box by now.
Choose the channels you are subscribed to here, or just press RIGHT to move on to the next screen
( you can always do this bit later,
and you are STRONGLY advised NOT to click "add all channels", as tivo will show many channels you can't receive, leading to failed recordings
Choose your make and model of set top box here.
Usually just press SELECT here
If you are using the InfraRed wands on a lead that plugs into the back of the tivo, then choose NO here

The "front blaster" is behind the green led on the front of your tivo
It can control a STB by bouncing the IR signal round, but generally the wired wands work better.

If using the IR wands, make sure its connected to the bottom socket, as there are two identical holes at the back.
Just press SELECT here
Choose the appropriate code for your STB here

Don't worry too much getting it right, as this can be altered after setup is complete via messages & setup / set top box control

You may see this screen if your STB isn't connected to the AUX scart, or isn't turned on.
You can still proceed by quickly pressing LEFT/RIGHT if you want to connect it later
Press SELECT for tivo to download the EPG guide data
This page can take a VERY long time over dialup
often connecting / "cleaning up" for 15 minutes(with frozen spinner)

then Downloading for 30 minutes.

...another cuppa?

Press SELECT here
Press SELECT here
Press TIVO button here

Depending on when you last did a daily call,
it may be several hours before you can set season passes and wishlists
but you can set single recordings from the EPG straightaway.


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