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Current TivoWeb modules

Module Name Module Description Screenshot
Back-up Season Passes Creates a backup of your Season Passes without having to remove the Tivo HD.

Bulk edit season passes Change all season passes at once. E.g. all to record at best

CALLER ID RSS Feed Creates an RSS feed of recent calls; tested with Firefox, IE 7.0, FreePOPs and many other feedreaders. Item links provide reverse-phone number lookup. Version 2.0 works with TivoWebPlus 2.0, and can read call logs generated by elseed and ncid.

Channel Grid Allows the user to see a single channel's programming data for a week.

Channel Prefs Allows the user to display and manipulate current values of the Favorite and Receive flag for each channel. (requires TWP 1.1 or later)

Check Guide Data against Digiguide Compares the guide data to that sourced over the web from Digiguide (UK only).

Conflict Resolve with Two TiVos Shows you unresolved conflicts, then discovers if a second networked Tivo is available to record them.

Digiguide Search A module to schedule recordings by right-clicking in the Digiguide PC app (Needs subbed Tivo, UK only)

Display Text A TivoWeb module that will display text on the Tivo screen. Text to be displayed may be entered interactively from a PC web browser. Also try this if the older version doesn't work. Another version with colour bar selector.

Edit Startup Script Easy editing of the boot up script

Edit TiVo Menus Change the text of all menus on the tivo itself - E.g. Tivo Central to "Joe's Tivo Central" - Useful when you have more than one tivo, or just want to change the text.

Elseed CALLER ID shortcut module Quick TivoWeb module to show Caller ID log button in TWP. Must have ELSEED running already.

Global Blocklist Module to pre-select items in the TivoWeb To-Do list for deletion based on titles or episode descriptions. Can be used as a work-around for the lack of NOT logic in Advanced Wishlists.

Guide Data Checker Checks that guide data is present for each channel; check for rogue/orphaned Season Pass series.

Hackman A TiVo Hack Manager plug-in module for TivoWeb and TivoWebPlus that allows the user to start and stop Tivo hacks, such as telnet, tivoftp, TiVo Control Station, cron, YAC, etc. Includes remote reboot capabilities and the ability to execute bash command lines. Also edits rc.sysinit and secondary startup files, such as rc.sysinit.author. Version 2.0.0 update includes support for xPlusz commands and backdoor codes as well as incorporating JJBliss's bufferhack, KeepUpTo and TCTimout utilities. Hackman also provides protection against reboot cycling caused by corrupted guide data.

HiGuide A grid based guide with highlighting

Highlights Displays recommended shows in the next week and provides a link to record. The current version of the module allows you to preview and record Radio Times TV recommendations, Radio Times Radio recommendations, DigiGuide TV recommendations and Film recommendations

JPEG Display Show JPEG images on the Tivo screen

Manage NoReRecord List Maintains TiVo's NoReRecord list. This list is used to prevent automatic recording of shows within 30 days of their deletion or cancellation from the TiVo.

Manual Recording Set manual recordings

Merge Recordings Merge multiple recordings for a single "Save to VCR" operation.

Movie Search This program allows you to easily browse upcoming movies for your Tivo. Allows you to browse by Category, premiere, keyword all movies that are playing on the movie channels of your choice

MP3 Player Plays MP3s locally on the tivo

New Episodes Shows the programmes in the schedule where the Original Air Date is the same as the broadcast date, ie they are brand new episodes.

No red dots(LJ's version) Sends the backup key every 60 seconds if a recording is in progress

No red dots or missed channel changes irblast , inspired by LJs noreddot program, runs on the TiVo in the background and can send infrared signals to external set top boxes based on the current channel, recording state and system state.

Now Playing with Sort and Folders Adds Folders and Sorting to the Now Playing module

Now Playing with Sort for version 2.5.5 TiVos This module allows us 2.5.5 Tivo users to sort Now Playing by Classic, Expiry Date, Title, Title + Episode Title, Duration and Genre.

Now playing with search & tivo playback Lets you sort & search programmes through tivoweb and have it playback on the tivo screen. Useful when you have many pages of recordings in now playing.

Remap Channel Numbers Allows you to change Tivos channel numbers

Re-Order Season Passes Allows you to change the priorities of Season passes, as in the SP Manager on the TiVo

RunScript A TivoWeb module with CGI-like abilities to run bash scripts (or any exec) and pass parameters.

Schedule Shows in calendar format all upcoming "to-do" items and programs that are in your "now showing list". You can navigate to previous and coming weeks by click forward and back arrows.

Search Advisory Codes This module allows you to search by Advisory Code.

Unofficial update Update includes filters, SC and RP. (Note this unofficial update to Search by A/C does not work on the UK model Thomson Tivo Series 1 PVR10UK as the UK program listings compiled and supplied by Tribune do not support the RC and SP codes)

Set manual recordings from Digiguide Set a manual recording by right-clicking in the Digiguide PC app (UK only)

Show conflicts for a series These changes will show you an icon against each showing in a series letting you know whether your Tivo is already planning to record something in that slot.

Showcase Shows the Inside TiVo and Channel Highlights screens in your browser.

TiVoTokens Send programme suggestions to your friends

TV Listings Grid Displays upcoming listings in a grid format. Latest version is Grid 1.04 and can be found here.

WAP A re-write of TivoWeb itself to give access via WAP.

What's On This module is based on the Browse by Time screen on the Tivo. This TivoWeb version also allows you to press a button to watch a programme if it is currently on and will show you if future programmes conflict with programmes currently scheduled to be recorded.

xTivoweb Module for Tivoweb which generates XHTML-MP pages giving mobile devices like cellphones, PDAs, etc. access to Tivo functions. For UK Tivos.


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