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TivoWeb enables you to view all your tivo content in your web browser, over your local network, or even the internet.
Tivoweb supports themes to change its look.

One of tivoweb's features is the ability to add new & updated channel logos to the TiVo on screen menus.

It can be further enhanced by many add-on modules that tivo owners have written.

Installing TivoWeb

  • Download tivoweb.tar.gz
  • ftp it across to your tivo
  • extract it on tivo:
    % gzip -d tivoweb.tar.gz
    % cpio -H tar -i < tivoweb.tar 
  • run it on tivo
    % /var/hack/tivoweb-tcl/tivoweb
  • access it from your PC web browser:


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