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Hard Drive Upgrades

Upgrade your TiVo's recording capacity from the standard tiny 40 hours to up to a massive 500 hours!

All our preconfigured drives come ready to use the altEPG system after June 1st:

  • Mode0 setup for DVD picture quality - a must for modern LCD & Plasma TVs
  • Extended live buffer - increased to 3 hours vs standard 30 mins
  • Restore deleted programmes via an on-screen menu
  • Sort your now playing list by date or by name
  • Group shows by folders in your now playing list

 Hard Drive

160GB Tivo Hard Drive Upgrade £39.00

160GB Tivo Hard Drive Upgrade Preconfigured with altEPG for continued service Includes all you need: even a screwdriver! Have you always wanted your TiVo to have more capacity to record your favourite programmes? Want higher quality recordings than is normally possible? Is your old TiV...read more


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