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Upload divx recordings onto TiVo over network

If you have a cachecard/turbonet network card in your tivo, then you can now upload your video into your TiVo.

Here's how:

Setting up your PC

mfs_ftp mfs_ftp.tar
tyShow for windows TyShow-BETA-0.14.exe
Download and install tyShow for windows: TyShow-BETA-0.14.exe.
This will enable you to play video files in tivo format (.ty)

Setting up TiVo

First download mfs_ftp which does all the actual work on the tivo machine.
Put it in /var/hack, extract it and start it:
% cpio -H tar -i < mfs_ftp.tar
% mfs_ftp/mfs_ftp.tcl

Now you should be able to ftp to your tivo (using port 3105) and copy recordings from the tivo on to your PC.

e.g. in internet explorer:

Uploading to TiVo

A program called nanVue can be used to upload and convert to divx all in one go.
  • Mfs_ftp needs to be installed and running on your tivo.

  • Click the settings tab
  • Change the ip address to match your tivo
  • Tick "use passive FTP connections"
  • Click the blue button to the right of the ip address to do a quick test.


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