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23/09/2012: Thomson TiVo Dialup / guide data problems on 0845 number
Seem to be problems for those using the 0845 dialup number, symptoms are calls dropped after 5 mins - a short term fix is to use the 0161 number read more

03/08/2012: VM TiVos hit the 1 million mark
Virgin Media now have 1 million TiVo users, they celebrated by sending a Gold TiVo along with Martin Kemp : read more

15/03/2012: Over 500,000 VM TiVos
Virgin Media now have over 500,000 TiVo subscribers & will have live TV streaming to tablets in September: read more

17/02/2011: Community-led replacement service for Thomson TiVo units
Following the announcement of closure of service to legacy units, a new service is in development to replace it - community-led, and free of any fees - for all units, subscribed or not Tivo S1 unofficial service continuation

14/02/2011: TiVo announces closure of service for older S1 units
Tivo announced today it will be cease the data download service for the old UK Thomson TiVos on June 1st,11 years after it was introduced as the UK's first PVR. Tivo S1 service closure

31/01/2011: Test drive the new TiVo
TiVos will be on active display in Virgin Media retail stores from this week: check for a store near you: http://shop.virginmedia.com/help/store-locator.html - go have a play!

28/01/2011: Special deal extended
Got a Thomson TiVo, and want Virgin Media's new UK TiVo ? - you can still signup for a special deal here: http://tivo.virginmedia.com/tivoupgrade

06/01/2011: Special deal on the new Virgin Media TiVo
Virgin Media will be offering a special deal to existing UK TiVo subscribers (lifetime and monthly) -just fill in this form before 1st Feb: register interest

30/11/2010: More screenshots of Virgin Media's new TiVo
Virgin Media today released more screenshots of it's new TiVo system read more

3/11/2010: Virgin Media announces details of new TiVo
Virgin Media today announced the first details of its upcoming TiVo-powered HD/3D set top box which will give customers a whopping 1 TeraByte of storage for personal recordings. read more

17/10/2010: Free Service
TiVo is now offering free service (normally 10/month) for a limited time read more

22/04/2010: Dialup Problems
Temporary fix to tivo UK dialup problems is to put the following numbers in the "dial prefix": 02079061000 read more

25/11/2009: TiVo to Power Virgin Media's new platform
TiVo is to return to the UK market by powering Virgin Media's new converged TV platform, it was confirmed this morning. read more

26/01/2009: TiVo Suggestions officially fixed
TiVo have successfully identified and tested a fix for the issue with TiVo Suggestions. It will be rolling out via the service over the next few days read more

29/09/2008: TiVo Suggestions fault
As you may be aware, the suggestions feature of UK tivos has been failing to work properly for the past few weeks. ...read more

13/08/2008: Digital switchover begins in Wales
Digital switchover begins in Wales - UK Tivo owners need to buy a compatible freeview box ...read more

23/09/2007: Sort Now Playing app for TiVo
New app released to sort your programmes alphabetically in the now playing list read more


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