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Tivo & Sky

TiVo and Sky
Tivo can be connected to any sky digibox and will automatically change channels when it needs to make a recording.

To configure your tivo run guided setup and choose "aerial + digital satellite"

Then simply connect the digibox SCART to tivo AUX SCART, and set the code for your make and model of digibox
(it's on the tivo menu setup / recorder & phone/ set top box control )

Guided Setup
Most sky boxes can be controlled by using the codes below:
ModelTivo IR codeNotes
All Sky DigiboxesSky Digital 20016 Sends SKY button before channel change to wake it from standby
All Sky DigiboxesSky Digital 20006 Faster channel changes, but doesn't send sky button
Pace sky+Pace 20017 even other brands
(Ensure auto-standby is turned off)

connections diagram

Tivo & Freesat

Tivo now supports Freesat with a suitable set top box.

To configure your tivo run guided setup:

On your tivo, goto setup->system reset ->guided setup
and select "aerial + digital satellite" then freesat

All your recordings or season passes will be retained and safe during this process.

Tivo & Freesat HD



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