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Stream tivo recordings over tivoweb

If you have a cachecard/turbonet network card in your tivo, then you can now view your recordings on your PC directly from tivoweb.

Here's how:


Setting up tivo for streaming

First download and extract the modified tivoweb ui module, put it into your tivoweb modules directory (/var/hack/tivoweb-tcl/modules) and restart tivoweb.
This adds the "view" link onto your list of recordings.

Now download the vserver binary which does all the actual work on the tivo machine.
Put it in /var/hack, and start it:

% /var/hack/vserver >/dev/null &

Setting up your PC

tyShow for windows TyShow-BETA-0.14.exe
Modified version of the tivoweb UI module ui.itcl
Vserver tivo binary vserver
Registry entry to enable WMP streaming RegisterTiVoProtocoltoWMP.zip
Download and install tyShow for windows: TyShow-BETA-0.14.exe.
This will enable you to play video files in tivo format (.ty)

Import the registry setting to allow internet explorer to stream tivo videos.
(just extract and double click the file)

Phew !

All done, now you should be able to click on the word "view" on any of your recordings in tivoweb to play it directly on your PC!

Also see our guide to downloading programmes to / from your tivo including divx files

Mac users don't despair, this page will be updated shortly with mac-specific details!


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