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TiVo Manual - £9.00
You may download any of the five chapters, or buy this and other tivo books here

Manuals are in PDF format, we recommend using Foxit Reader to view them. You can download it here for free.

To find out what version of the TiVo Personal TV Service (TM) you are running, use the System Information command from the Messages and Setup menu.

Welcome (317 KB)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (508 KB)
  • About the TiVo Viewer's Guide
  • Getting Ready to Use the TiVo Recorder
  • For Your Safety
  • Introducing the Remote Control
  • Your TiVo Subscription
Chapter 2- The Basics in 5 Short Tours (1.3Mb)
  • Tour One: Play with Live TV
  • Tour Two: Find Your Favourite Programmes and Set Up Recordings
  • Tour Three: Inside TiVo & Channel Highlights
  • Tour Four: Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down
  • Tour Five: Look at What's Now Playing
Chapter 3- In Depth (2.3 Mb)
  • Live TV
  • Pick Programmes to Record
  • Channel Highlights & Inside TiVo
  • Now Playing
Chapter 4- Troubleshooting (1.9Mb)
  • Contacting Customer Service
  • List of Topics
  • Troubleshooting Problems
  • How Do I...?
Chapter 5- Advanced Setup Options and Settings (1.5 Mb)
  • Messages & Setup
Appendix A- Connecting Your TiVo Recorder to Your System (661 KB)
  • Connection Examples
  • Back Panel Connections Reference
tivo manual

TiVo Manual - £9.00
Appendix B- Setting Up Your TiVo Recorder (3.5 Mb)
  • Introduction to Guided Setup
  • Guided Setup
  • Activating your TiVo Subscription
  • Summary of TiVo's Privacy Promise to You
  • Programming the Remote Control
Specifications (42 KB)

Index (180 KB)


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