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by MikeRR - (original development thread)
Opening a folder
Sort now playing list on tivo GUI

Now you can:
  • sort your programmes alphabetically
  • sort by duration (longer shows/films to the bottom)
  • add episode titles/film years to the now-playing list
  • create folders to group your programmes together

Screenshots: Normal, With episode titles added, and A-Z sorted
Normal tivo view with episode titles added sorted alphabetically
Make sure you have newtext2osd (included) installed in /var/hack/bin


Run the script and enter now-playing on tivo.

Special Remote Keys:

- when on a folder, expands that folder
- when on a normal show, will make a folder for that show

- sorts the list alphabetically

-sorts the list by date

Thumbs Up / Down
-navigates to the top / bottom of the now playing list


Pressing (0) on the remote brings up a menu.

(1) Sort alphabetically (A-Z)
(2) Sort by Duration (i.e longer shows/films at the bottom)
(3) Sort by Date (as normal)

All these options make tivo switch to tivo-central,
and then auto-returns to now-playing with the list sorted several seconds later (be patient!)

(4) Add /remove episode titles

This one changes titles to include the episode title, and adds the year to films
e.g. Friends => Friends: The one with the Fish
Jaws => Jaws (1975)
Top Gear => Top Gear: The Aston Martin DB9

(4) Make Folders

Groups shows into folders

(5) Expands the folders back out again to normal.

Selecting a folder, then pressing pause to expand it will show just episodes of that series at the top of now-playing.


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