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Restoring UK suggestions

No Suggestions

500GB Tivo Hard Drive Upgrade 89.00
Your suggestions working again!

As you may be aware, the suggestions feature of UK tivos has been failing to work properly for the past few weeks.

The Fix

We at TivoCentral have developed a replacement suggestion engine: "Suggs",
and it is available on all our drives for free

How do I get it?
Simply buy any of our drop-in replacement hard drive (from 59)
and / or send in your old hard drive to transfer settings & recordings,
and then suggestions will continue to work.

You will also gain

  • Much more recording hours
  • Higher picture quality with Mode0 FREE
  • Sort your Now Playing list alphabetically with a keypress on the remote
  • Suggestion functionality
  • Restore deleted programmes wiith a keypress on your remote

What are you waiting for ?
Buy a new drive from as little as 89 now !

500GB Tivo Hard Drive Upgrade
Get suggestions working again!

500GB Tivo Hard Drive Upgrade
Larger drive, best value!

1000GB - 1TB Ultimate Tivo Hard Drive Upgrade
For those that need the most space,
store whole series on your tivo,
and use folders to organise them.


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