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by MikeRR - (original development thread)
Suggs: the new suggestion engine ! V 1.04
a hack to recreate suggestions.

This hack will run in the background and set suggestions every 30 minutes.

Basically looks at the schedule of the current tv channels, 
and tries to record some of the upcoming programmes as suggestions

The threshold for choosing programmes can be set:
default is neutral ( i.e. record all except thumb-downed shows) 
This default option good for generating lots of suggestions
To run this way:


To record only those with 1 thumb up or more:

./suggs.tcl -threshold 127

To record those with "predicted relevance":

./suggs.tcl -threshold 1

this last example is closest to how tivo suggestions worked.

they will show up in tivoweb scheduled suggestions 
(http://tivo/ui/suggestions )
but not in the tivo GUI suggestions menu.

To show scheduled suggestions on the tivo GUI todo list,
navigate to the todo list on your tivo, and press:
Thumbs Down, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Instant Replay 

Being suggestions, they never interfere with your season passes or wishlists.

- Doesn't record duplicate suggestions,
- Won't record a show as a suggestion if it is present in now playing
( e.g. use suggs.tcl -daysback 28 if you don't want another episode for 28 days)
- Gives priority to thumbed shows, but also has predicted thumbs
- Predicted thumbs based on genres 
- By default only schedules one day ahead, use "-days 2" to schedule 2 days ahead
- Shares the blocklist.txt and blockgenres.txt from global blocklists
(E.g. block all football programmes from being recorded as suggestions by putting
 "Football" in blockgenres.txt , or "Children", "News" etc one per line)
- Takes account of padding

# 1.04 Some duplicate checking code
# 1.03 No stuttering!
# 1.02 - only processes channel guide data once per day 
# 1.01 Uses tivo's database of genre thumbs


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